January 28, 2020

Ep. 345: Brendan, This One's For You

In an uncommon feat, This episode is dedicated to Brendan. Pete and Damian feel so much gratitude to our writer's email that he earned the entire show dedicated to his three questions Click PLAY below to see if you could use any of the same answers they came up with for Brendan.Can't listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes: Scenario: Writer, Brendan and his Wife are both about 30 years old and have three young children. After expenses and student loan payments, they have about $1500 cash left. Question 1: Should they put that #1500 toward 529s  for their kids and just pay the minimums to student loans? — Damian says, "Do both." Reap the benefits of compound interest and pay down debt. Have a plan for how much you want to accumulate in the 529 plans. Listen to hear if Pete actually agrees.. Question 2: Brendan needs life insurance. He currently pays for a $400,000 policy and has a preexisting medical condition. Would he be better off getting a term policy ? — Damian says, "Look into a 20 or 30-year fixed term for yourself and have the agent shop you around with respect to your medical condition. Can't hurt to look." Question 3: Should they save to pay for their kids’ future weddings (among all the quality-of-life benefits they enjoy)? Brendan and his spouse disagree. —— This is about your priorities. — Damian says, "This is a nice-to-do. Don’t put the psychological weight of identifying money for that on yourself. Not saving for a wedding, specifically, is the best move here."

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