Meet Pete

Peter Dunn (a.k.a. Pete the Planner®) is an award-winning financial expert.

For the past two decades, Pete has been one of foremost voices in America on personal finance and corporate financial wellness. He is the host of the popular radio show and podcast The Pete the Planner Show. He’s also authored ten books, been a USA TODAY columnist, and appeared regularly on CNN, Fox, and nationally syndicated radio programs. His previous career as a comedian can be seen as he regularly entertains audiences at conferences, corporate events, and other industry gatherings.

In addition to his work educating the public, Pete is also the founder and CEO of Your Money Line, an employee benefit focus financial wellness solution delivered as a free benefit connecting employees to confidential, unbiased financial guidance. Pete lives in Carmel, Indiana with his wife and two children.

Why financial wellness?

Let's here it from Pete himself.

In the summer of 2005, I was in the driveway of a brand new financial planning client preparing to dig into their financial lives for the first time. They were highly educated, well-respected in the community, and they earned over $300,000 per year. In my mind, they were the perfect client. Fast forward 90 minutes to when I was returning to my car after our first meeting – these dream clients were an absolute disaster. They were consumed with debt, terrible spending habits, and an awful relationship with my money. In this eye-opening moment, I found my calling. I fix financial lives. That’s what I do.

I’ve had the opportunity to personally dig through the financial lives of over 25,000 people. I’ve seen success, I’ve seen failure, and I’ve seen what it takes to turn failure into success. After fixing the disastrous financial life of that couple in 2005, I sold my planning practice to focus on writing, educating, and speaking—I’m 100% committed to helping millions of people fix their financial lives.

Keynote Speaking

Pete is in regular demand as a keynote speaker at human resources conferences across the country, as he shares his unique perspective and extensive experience helping individuals and companies improve their financial wellness.

"Peter was an OUTSTANDING speaker—I laughed so hard and am so glad I attended this session!"

Jillian M.
Director of Human Resources

"Great notes to think about when I get back to the office. I enjoyed getting to see Pete speak and I personally found a lot of value with this keynote."

Joseph R.
Chief Financial Officer

"I loved Pete! The information was so helpful and he was a very dynamic and comedic speaker."

Debra A.
Senior Benefits Specialist

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