December 3, 2019

Ep. 338: Inheritance Is Coming. What Should I Do?

Familiar and funny as ever, Pete and Damian disagree. Our regular listeners will know what an occasion this is. "I'm going to receive a $130,000 inheritance. What should..." WAIT! Before you tune out the rest of the question, there are some home-buying gems you should hear in this show. Can't listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes: The writer has a $130K inheritance coming. While we listen with jealous ears, he writes should he use it to pay down his current mortgage, or save the $130k for the next home purchase? How should he use the inheritance in the smartest way possible? Without knowing all of the details, Pete and Damian discuss the range of options with two different time horizons: 10 years from retirement and 30+ years from retirement. Peter and Damian disagree, one claiming a better option would be to grow the $130 through market instruments, and the other backing a more cashflow-forward approach.

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