October 12, 2017

Ep. 195: Pete’s Potpourri pt. 2

YA few weeks back, we introduced a special edition of The Million Dollar Plan, called “Pete’s Potpourri.” We talked a little bit about this and a little bit of that. Some might say, a bit of a “potpourri” episode, if you will. After almost 13 weeks of traveling, countless emails, and multiple ideas, this week we brought back: Pete’s Potpourri, pt. 2.My inbox always has an interesting mix to the emails that come through. Some, make me laugh. Others, compel me to share. In this week’s episode a few of the emails featured I hand picked, others I read for the first time, in real time, with you.So sit back, and enjoy our special edition of The Million Dollar Plan, Pete’s Potpourri, pt. 2.Have a question or comment for me? Hit me up at askpete@petetheplanner.com. You never know, your question/comment might get featured in a blog or podcast post.


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