June 29, 2017

Ep. 169: Setting Your Financial Rules.

This week, I’m talking about rules.You need rules to live by. For each component of your life you need to set some personal rules, or standards if you will, that apply to you and your everyday obligations. If you don’t–you are going to struggle through each part of you life. And that..sounds..miserable.Anyways, when I say you need rules, these rules do not have to be you declaring complex, multi-part thesis statements in order for you to gain credit. No. These rules just need to be personal standards you set up as barriers and guidelines that work for you, your obligations and goals.*Example time* One of my co-worker’s rules is that she doesn’t eat fast food. It isn’t that she is against it, she’s just set a standard to make a conscious decision of picking a different option. So, when she has lunch in the office and someone brings in taco bell she’s not lusting and drooling for a part of that cheesy gordita crunch. Nope, she’s good. She’s set her rule and it has become a part of her every day life style.You can go about setting these rules, in which ever way you’d like. They can be religious, they can be ethical, they can be apart of a moral standard you uphold–whatever. Your rules just need to set up guidelines that are going to get to you abide by said rules every day.So, what are your financial rules? If you don’t have any or are still working through what you want your financial standards to be, that’s ok. Grab a piece of paper, start writing them down. I want to know about, and I’m going to talk about these more with you today, what your:* Budgeting and Spending Rules* Debt and Saving Rules* Major Purchase Rules* Rules about Your FutureAs you move through different stages of your financial life, some of your rules may change a little bit. Again, that’s ok, just make sure that your rules/standards consistently reflect your financial obligations and goals. I’ll be here to help you stick to your rules and work towards your goals.


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