June 8, 2017

Ep.163: The Reality Gap

This week on the Pete the Planner® Show, I’m going to be talking about: The Reality Gap.Ah, the reality gap–so, this is what I’m really into right now and I’m going to explain and walk you through this concept. But first I want to talk about that there are actually a lot of applications to this, however for the time being, what I want you to focus on is your financial health reality gap.So, if you will, think about your financial life and how you think you’re doing in two different ways: how you think you’re doing , a little self evaluation if you will, of where you feel your financial life is at. This may stem from how you good you feel about your current income level or how you good you feel about the medical bills, student loans, ect. that you are paying off.And then, you knew this had to be the second part, *sigh* there is how you are actually doing. After evaluating on how you think you’re doing, we need an objective measure to show us how you’re actually doing and the difference between how you think you’re doing and how you’re actually doing.That, my friend, is the Reality Gap.


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