April 18, 2017

Ep. 152: Kendall has a child with special needs and wants to plan for the future

M$D: April 29, 2047Meet Kendall.Kendall’s main concerns, in her words: We have a daughter with autism that we’re anticipating needing to care for the rest of our lives. Waiting for the state to set up ABLE account for her. Want to make sure we’re doing everything else right. I stopped working because of all the therapies. Contemplating going back to work part time in a lower paying field with flexibility but in the back of my mind thinking I may need to homeschool as she gets older. But, not working has me worried about SS, medicare, and disability benefits for myself. I do a small work from home gig as an independent contractor, but it doesn’t pay much. We’re working on paying our mortgage off in 15 years. Still have student loan debts. His will be gone this year where mine still have awhile. Also, my husband started working for a company last year that offers a pension, 50% vested in 5 years, 100% in 10. Full benefits at 65 or age plus years worked = 85. So far, we have no information about how much of a pension he could be potentially getting so trying to figure out how to plan for retirement with that. Plus, making sure we’ll be OK for my husband to buy a Tesla model 3 when it comes out.


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