April 6, 2017

Ep. 149: College Financial Literacy

This week, I talked with Phil Schuman, Director of Financial Literacy at Indiana University. Phil and I have been working together since last fall on a project to increase college financial literacy. The program, called Money Smarts U, is through Indiana University, but will eventually be available for other colleges to adopt and offer to their students. We’re pretty excited about the change this can bring in increasing the financial preparedness of recent college grads. When everything is said and done, there will be over 20 hours of content for students at various stages of financial literacy to learn the basics before they reach the real world.If you are a college student, have a current or future college student, or will be a college student eventually — basically anyone ever — this is an episode for you. We cover some common financial mistakes in college, ways people try to circumvent debt collectors (hint: you really can’t), and more.Check it out.


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