April 4, 2017

Ep. 148: CJ had a late start to his career, but his profession makes it less stressful than you’d think

M$D: October 10, 2041Meet CJ.CJ’s main concerns, in his words: We are an early 30’s married couple that is looking to have kids soon. We have a house, but we are looking to upgrade that in the next few years as well. I got a late start to my career so I wasn’t able to really start saving for retirement until I was 30. I am on the tail end of student loans (about 5 years left) that I have from pursuing my MBA. We are finally saving how we want to, but are still not sure if it is enough for all of our needs. We each have a 401(K) and are putting 6% plus an employer 3% match. Combined gross income is around $125,000.


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