March 30, 2017

Ep. 147: Youth Sports

This week on PTPTV, I talk youth sports with Travis Dorsch. He’s got quite the title, are you ready? Dr. Travis Dorsch: Former Professional Football Player, Assistant Professor, Founding Director of the Families in Sport Lab in the Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development at Utah State University. Yes, I do give him a hard time about how long this title is. To summarize: he studies the impact of youth sports on families.My primary approach to this topic has been financial. And no, I don’t mean betting on Joey’s little league team. That’s why it’s great for me to talk to someone like Travis to understand the impact of youth sports beyond the bank account. If you’re a parent with a kid who’s interested in youth sports, this episode is a must-listen. Travis and I discuss the message you send to your kids by spending money on youth sports, how to know if your child is really being enriched by their sport, yelling at refs, and a lot more.Check it out.Follow Travis on Twitter or check out Families in Sport.


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