January 12, 2017

Ep. 130: College Savings

Topic: College SavingsSpecial Guest: Troy Montigney, ‘The 529 Guy’, Executive Director of the Indiana Education Savings AuthorityThis week we talk saving for college, specifically Indiana’s 529 plan. You may have heard me talk about this before in the form of a commercial on the radio. I’m happy to do these commercials because I believe strongly in the 529 plan. I’ve often felt that society has attacked the college spending issue from the wrong direction—focusing too heavily on post-funding rather than pre-funding. I talk with Troy, a.k.a. ‘The 529 Guy’, all about college savings. Some questions we cover include:Why is it called the 529 plan?Is there more than one plan option?What does it cover?How is this a tax benefit to me?And so on. You’ll be a college funding pro by the end of this episode—a big step towards becoming a millionaire.Follow Troy on Twitter @IndyTroy and find out more about the 529 Plan at CollegeChoiceDirect.com


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