November 8, 2016

Ep. 119: Monica is your financial role model

M$D: 8/5/2028Meet MonicaAge: 26Monica’s main concerns, in her words:My income isn’t crazy high (active duty military), but I’m able to save and invest 50-60% of my take-home pay depending on the month, while feeling that I live a pretty high quality life. I have a somewhat closeted goal of being financially independent by 35. I say somewhat closeted, because if I reveal that goal to 99.9% of people, I’m hit with all the reasons why that’s impossible. I’ve done the math, the retirement calculators, and have briefly ran my plan and the numbers a by financial counselor who said I’m doing what it takes to make that goal. I feel like I’m ahead of most Americans, but that’s only because most Americans choose to do nothing when it comes to financial planning. I’m curious if I’m really tracking toward my goal, are there some things I should be doing (or am forgetting to do) since I’m fairly new to the financial independent (“early retirement”) game?


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