November 1, 2016

Ep. 117: Tony wants to be able to shut it down at 40. Can he?

M$D: 7/31/2026Meet TonyAge: 28Tony’s main concerns, in his words:I’m 28, my wife is 26. We have a 16-month-old son. Our main goal is to have enough money where I can semi-retire at 40 (or earlier), if I want, and work part-time/full-time for my father’s company. We earn about $110,000 a year and have $94,000 in retirement savings. Right now we are saving almost $3,000 per month for retirement ($2036.44 per month into my 403b (including 9.5 % match), and maxing out both of our Roth IRA’s ($916.67 per month). My wife anticipates continuing to work after age 40, but I’d like to be in a place where money doesn’t matter and be able to help out the family business on a full time or part time manner at age 40, or before. Our second goal is to make sure my sons college is taken care of. Currently we have $5,000 saved on a 529 account and anticipate adding $2,500 per year. My wife’s parents will likely help out or offer to pay for all of it, but I’d like to have at least 1/2 saved in the 529 by the time he’s ready for college and cash flow the rest, if necessary. If he doesn’t need it the money, I’d like to help fund part of my twin nieces college. Our final goal is to buy a reasonably priced home within the next 12 months. Our current home is worth about $150,000 and we owe $109,000. I’d like to purchase a house around $200,000 with 20% down on a 15 year fixed. We have $5,000 saved in addition to our equity, and I anticipate having $10,000 saved by the end of the year for a potential summer 2017 move.Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on StitcherWant to be a guest on the The Million Dollar Plan podcast? Apply HereAudio Player


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