Your Money Life

Financial Guidance from Your 20's to Your 60's

The "Your Money Life" book series offers age-specific financial wisdom for every decade. From debt payoff in your 20s, lifestyle balance in your 30s, housing choices in your 40s, retirement planning in your 50s, to healthcare and more in your 60s, it's your fiscal roadmap.

What Your Dad Never Taught You About Budgeting

Living on a budget is often seen as penny-pinching, but honestly? It's more about awareness, communication, and accountability. Forget any negative connotations of budgeting like thrift and penury; embrace a fiscally-responsible lifestyle that redefines budgeting.

60 Days to Change

A Daily How-To Guide with Actionable Tips for Improving Your Financial Life

In 60 Days to Change, learn powerful, systematic methods to take control of your spending, savings, credit, and family security in under 2 months. This hands-on blueprint for financial success helps you budget, anticipate crises, and understand your place in the big picture.

Avoid Student Loans

A Guide for Maximizing Scholarship Earnings and Making Smart Financial Decisions During College

Avoid Student Loans teaches you how to reduce college costs through exclusive advice on winning more scholarships, making smart financial decisions, and graduating with less debt than peers. This easy guide helps make college an investment, not a burden.

The Commissioner

A Guide to Surviving and Thriving on Commission Income

This guide offers a practical plan to even out fluctuating incomes and avoid bad months. With tables, graphs, and charts to apply your numbers, it provides a comprehensive approach to money management, paying off debt, saving for the future, and improving your financial life.

Mock Retirement

How Practicing Retirement Makes for a Perfect Retirement

Prepare to master retirement by learning how to eventually live on retirement income, manage future expenses, and ensure your retirement plan lasts forever. Set yourself up for success by navigating distribution rates, debt, and family support.

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