Working while in college

Written by
Peter Dunn

In our series 'How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents' former intern Alex and I recently talk about the importance of having a job while in college. Working while in school may seem impossible with your class and social schedule, but Alex and I make a case for finding the time to have a job as a student in the clip below courtesy of IU Money Smarts.

A recent study shows that students taking 12 credit hours per week can work up to 20 hours per week at a job. Working a part-time job while in college is not only a great way to make the money you need to live per month and not go into debt, but it can also help you study better. It's true, studies have shown that the busier you are the better your brain performs. Having a structure to your week can help you plan better and be less stressed about money and school work.

If you need further proof that working in college is a good idea, just think about your future. The whole point of college is to train you to do well in the career field of your choice. What better way to build your resume and gain experience than by working. You may not find a job in your exact field but almost all jobs teach you skills that will transfer over to any field.

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