Why we spend money on crap we can't afford

Written by
Peter Dunn

We are fickle beasts. 


1. Vacations- "We just need a break." From what? Responsible decision making? Reality? Lucid thought. I don't think I'll truly understand going on a vacation, when your'e struggling financially. People point to stress relief, create memories for the kids, and all sorts of other BS reasons. But all the reasons are BS. I have never ever ever ever seen a couple go on vacation when they shouldn't, and go anywhere but backwards, because of the cost of the vacation. You can't leverage a terrible financial. I think that's the ultimate fallacy. "I know we shouldn't go to the Bahamas, but we just need to have one more great week of fun before we take care of this debt." Nope. It has never worked that way. Financial wellness is about good decision making. If you make bad decisions with convoluted logic, you won't ever be financially well. 

2. Food

3. Clothes

4. Cars


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