When money can't do it anymore

Written by
Peter Dunn

There is a small group of people who enjoy a nearly esoteric pleasure. It's so unique, that its mere mention seems elicits anger and disbelief for those who don't experience it. People call it all sorts of things - a rich guy's attitude, a hippy's perspective, and even a loser's mentality. But it's none of those things. It's the sweetest pleasure, of which I've only had a small taste.

One day I hope to speak and mean the phrase "money is irrelevant to me." Oh, those beautiful words. Don't misinterpret that phrase as a yearning to be filthy rich. Instead, I'm hoping for a life in which money has no power of me.

You need money. I need money. I don't want to need money - not because I'll have lots of it, but because I won't care about the life money provides. Again, seems like a hippy dream, no?

I hope you know someone who is not interested in money, or the things money buys, on any level. They are neither rich, nor poor. They are neither extravagant, nor utilitarian. These people strive for success, but it's a definition you may have never considered.

This is more complicated than you might think. Some people say they don't care about money, but their actions and decisions tell a different story.

Trust me, I'm not judging your earthly desires. I have them too.

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