When insurance gets weird

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Peter Dunn

You need insurance for your health, your life, your car, your house, and even your work (disability). That's a lot of insurance and it seems like it pretty much covers it all, but surprisingly there are many other types of insurance you can purchase. This week on The Pete the Planner Radio Show on WIBC I spoke with my friend Todd Curry of the Curry Agency Inc. about all the other types of insurance that are available for purchase. Get ready, it gets really weird.

This segment cracks me up, because people are just so strange. Here are some of the seemingly ridiculous ways you can insure yourself.

Wedding insurance: So this one may not be all that weird. Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding so insuring it may not be a terrible idea. Liability insurance for the venue is the most common variation of wedding insurance. This insurance is to specifically cover damages to the facility. It only costs around $250 for the day, but the price will depend on factors like the presence of alcohol, the type of music you'll have playing, and if you hire the troupe of flame throwers.

Cold feet insurance: No really, this exists. But according to Todd it's a bit of a novelty. It isn't offered very many places since it's a pretty easy insurance to fraud. But it could also go in the other direction, you want to get married but you are unable to for some unforeseeable event like the venue burning down.

Insure body parts: I love this one, because it's insane. Heidi Klum insures her legs for 2.2 million! The best part is the policy isn't divided equally between the two legs. Unbelievable. Bruce Springsteen insures his voice for 6 million. I get it, for these people the loss of legs, voice, etc. impacts job performance and can lead to loss of income. Excuse me while I go insure my sense of humor.

Insure for bizarre events: I don't even know. What? It's real though.

Ghost policy: The best part about this insurance isn't that it exists, but that it has actually been paid out before. Some lady was pushed down stairs and since there was some mystery surrounding who pushed her, the insurance company paid out on her ghost policy.

Alien insurance: Yep.

Criminal acts: This one also sounds bizarre but according to Todd it's actually a regularly purchased policy. It's particularly common for business executives who travel around the world, since kidnapping overseas is an actual danger.

Personally, I'm going to stick to my basic insurance for now, but now I know I can insure myself in the event of an alien invasion. Knowledge is power.

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