When can you blame circumstance for your bad financial situation?

Written by
Peter Dunn
pointing finger

Bad financial situations happen all the time. You incur an overdraft fee. A medical emergency leaves you strapped with bills. A car accident leaves you stranded. Situations like this happen every day. And our gut instinct tells us to start blaming. We can position ourselves as the victim in nearly every situation. Are you ready for the hard truth? The situations where we are truly the victim of a bad situation are few and far between.

YOU are the cause of your bad financial situation.

How is it your fault a surprise surgery put you in medical debt? Because you didn't have savings to cushion you from just such expenses. This happens because when times are good we start to let things go. When cash is flowing we don't think about the future. It's the decisions we make when things are going well that set us up for failure during the bad times.

Of course there are exceptions, but in those situations you know you had no part in the outcome. It's time for a reality check. If you are in a bad spot stop blaming and start taking action.

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