This is important stuff because, ultimately, it's not important

Written by
Peter Dunn

Hopefully you realize by now that this blog is and isn't about money. I know that we discuss money quite a bit, but you should know that we talk about it because it is a necessary evil. The reality of the situation is that I want you to have your money taken care of so that you can worry about life. Money is supposed to be an afterthought, but a correctly handled afterthought. You should be so comfortable with money that you don't have think about it. You shouldn't be so uncomfortable about money that you choose to forget about it.


I asked myself that same question last night when I drove home from a client's house. Here is a great young couple who have been trying for about two years to start family. They knew that the growth of their family was out of their hands, so they just made sure to take care of everything else they could. They setup the proper investments, they developed the proper habits, and they cared just enough to ultimately not have to care about their money. Well, eventually they got pregnant and had a beautiful little girl 6 months ago. Their daughter has a beautiful full head of hair and cherubic smile. They had me out to their house last night to "get some things in order". We did some basic stuff, I answered some great questions, and the meeting was just wrapping up. The new mother quietly left the room as the proud new poppa and I finished up some business.

Once his wife had cleared the corner, he looked at me with concern and said, "Pete, we had you out here tonight so that we can just forget about our money for a little while."

"Okay," I said.

"(My wife) left the room because she would cry if she stayed in here. Because we found out just recently that she has cancer, and she is having a mastectomy tomorrow."

And there it is. Age 32, new mother, and now dealing with breast cancer. Yet, they had the wherewithal to take care of some basic money needs so they could "forget about their money for a little while."

That's why this is important. Life happens. You should care about your money now, so that you can forget about it when you need to.

Get better soon L. Our prayers are with you.

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