There's a pill for that

Written by
Peter Dunn

A personal trainer friend of mine told me a crazy story the other day. He has a new client who is a cardiologist. The cardiologist doesn't want to be a client of my friend, but his wife is insisting that he works out (we've all been there). Anyway, the cardiologist believes that working out is pointless. My friend, being a personal trainer, thought this was odd so he asked the cardiologist why. The cardiologist said that he doesn't believe in a good diet or regular exercise. He believes that advances in medicine are enough to keep you healthy. He said that cholesterol medication, angioplasties, and other heart procedures are the most effective way to remain heart healthy. He said that exercise and health eating are myths created by the media. WHAT? As you can imagine, my buddy thought that the doctor was kidding, but he wasn't. Can you imagine if this was your doctor?

Would this be the equivalent of a bankruptcy attorney going into bankruptcy on purpose? A total disregard for discipline is pathetic, but especially for an individual who is an "expert"on a given topic. WOW.

Are you purposefully ignoring areas of needed discipline in your life?

Step up your financial wellness game.

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