There is wrong and there is WRONG

Written by
Peter Dunn

These challenging financial times are hitting everybody. Is that reason for despair? No, absolutely not. A negative attitude and panic never help any situation (unless you are being chased by a Scooby-Doo monster. Scream, and then rip off the monster's mask. Surprise, it's Old Man Willoughby). So if a negative attitude is counterproductive, then tossing your negative juju on someone else is downright wrong.

We are going to need every bit of humanity that exists in order to get through these tough times. But, this blog post is about an employer who chose ditch humanity, and take the easy way out.

Let's take a moment to define "wrong". There are three types of "wrong". Here they are: 2+2=5. That is wrong. Mouthing words to a person with a hearing aid in order for them to turn it up and then speaking really really loud. That is WRONG. And then there is this next story.

A buddy of mine who lives out west received the following text message from his boss on Monday.

"Tim we just found out we are in a serious cash flow position and have to lay some people off until I can figure this give me a call we'll talk Sorry."

That, my friend (as John McCain would say), is WRONG. Yes, I get it. Times are tough. Companies are going under. But shouldn't we still maintain our self-respect and humanity? I was incredibly tempted to post the employer's name, but I'll let karma deal with him. Tim got "fired" by text message. I have heard of divorce by fax, but firing by text message seems even worse.

Let's help each other through this. Yes, you will probably have some financial pain, but don't just blow everyone else up on your path.

Side note: Tim is scheduled to have knee surgery next week. His goal with his rehab is to be able to kick his boss in the groin. LOL.

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