The scary face that prevents spending

Written by
Peter Dunn

I just received this email from a client/reader. It is hilarious!

Hey Pete, you will remember that when we met during Christmas break, I pledged to go on a financial diet. In spite of two January trips to Ft. Wayne which has a shopping experience that is similar to Keystone at the Crossing only with the best Italian in Indiana, Biaggi’s, I was in control. I think the purchase of a pair of socks and only one glass of wine at Biaggi’s is testament to my strength of will.

The $3,000 debt on my credit card is gone. I put household expenses on it and pay everything off bi-weekly when I am paid. I am now staring the $9,600 mortgage square in the face, and plan to put $1,000 on that debt within the next week.

How am I able to do this, you ask, knowing my weakness for those shopping trips and high-priced restaurants? Well, anyone who successfully diets has a personal weapon – something that takes the joy out of that bad habit, whether it’s overeating or overspending – and redirects one’s energy into more positive and satisfying habits, be it physical wellness or financial control. I have the best weapon anyone could ever hope to have, and it’s laminated right next to the credit card in my wallet (shown above). Feel free to share my strategy with any of your clients who may share my weakness; it works!

Thanks, Pete,


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