The ins and outs of freezing your kids' credit

Written by
Peter Dunn

I guess it's Freeze Your Credit Week here at the Pete the Planner World Headquarters.

Nothing kills me more than giving non-specific, vague advice and direction, but since there are three bureaus involved and 50 states involved, we've got 150 different ways of doing business. Each different state decides whether it wants to charge its residents a fee for freezing credit. And each bureau has different steps for freezing credit.

Once you've frozen your credit report, consider freezing your kids' credit reports. Just don't lose your PINs! Oh, and here are a couple of links on how and why to freeze your credit.

Freezing Your Kids' Credit

Experian needs you to submit all of your kids vital info in writing, which kinda doesn't make sense, but whatever.

Equifax also wants you to send your most private documents to them via US mail. They have a different process than Experian.

TransUnion will only allow you to freeze your kids' credit if you suspect fraudulent activity. They outline the steps of what to do next.

Freeze away!

Step up your financial wellness game.

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