The end of civilized discourse

Written by
Peter Dunn

I am pleased to announce that I now have a weekly radio show. The show is called Skills Your Dad Never Taught You with Pete the Planner. Skills Your Dad Never Taught You with Pete the Planner, is an exciting show that blows the doors off the normal financial talk format. The formula is simple: me and my sidekick, Chip, conversing energetically about the money issues that face young Americans today. The show will focus specifically on Generation X and Generation Y, but will appeal to all listeners. We are not your father-figure advisor who is condescending; we are not your grandfather-figure advisor who is out of touch with reality. We are the get-real, peer perspective voice of a generation, and we're here to tell our friends that while money problems are frightening, there are concrete ways to solve them. We can help. The show can be heard on WXNT 1430 AM in the Indianapolis area, on , iTunes, or at Enjoy

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