Realization and disappointment

Written by
Peter Dunn

Today is all about realization and disappointment. I was flipping through the radio on the way to the Pete the Planner World Headquarters today, and was faced with a very vital realization. A man shouldn't sing along to an Alanis Morisette song.

Disappointment. I am the mystery guest today at a children's day camp. I am bringing them piggy banks, and I am going to teach them a little bit about money. Can you imagine their disappointment when they realize that their mystery guest is me, and not someone like Peyton Manning or an Indiana Pacer? But, I guess if I was a Pacer then they would only see me at Gentlemen's Clubs, and kids probably aren't allowed in those places. Plus the Pacers would probably try to fight the kids. I guess it is better that I'm speaking to the kids after all.

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