PTPTV Ep. 44: The Senate released their AHCA draft, Paul Ashley clears the air

Written by
Peter Dunn

On June 22, 2017: What was predicted to happen, happened. The Senate released their draft of the health care reform bill. Everyone and anyone has an opinion on the potential financial damages this could cause and whether or not it will pass. To cut through all the static, I brought back Paul Ashley from First Person Benefit Advisors to my show to shed light on the topic.

In "Ep. 155: Healthcare" we covered that since the Affordable Healthcare Act was passed in 2010, Republicans have wanted to repeal and replace it (which is why we're here today). We talked about overall what that meant for the inevitable changes of the AHCA and how it could possibly impact our every day life.

At first look, the House and the Senate's proposals are not significantly different. Nonetheless-- I still have questions. A few, if anyone is counting. What will premiums look like (both new and pre-existing)? What draft of the reform is going to overall better serve Americans? In this episode we talk about who's going to be hurt and who's going to be helped by this bill and why it still rings tried and true that no matter where you stand on the political scale, healthcare affects every one of us.

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