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Written by
Peter Dunn

I'm thrilled to announced that my fifth book will be released this July! It's titled Mock Retirement: How Practicing Retirement Makes For A Perfect Retirement. This book has been many years in the making. I created the concept of Mock Retirement as I was looking for a way to prepare my clients for the rigors of retirement. I used the concepts for nearly five years, and the results were stunning. The methodology and teachings of this book were proven in the field. I'm excited to now share them with everyone.

The concept is excruciatingly simple: practice retiring. Yes, the book teaches people how to have a mock retirement exercise prior to retirement, make changes as they become necessary, and then finally, retire with confidence. The book explores the problems that retiring without a budget creates. In addition, the reader is introduced to the problems that aggressive spending and investment withdrawals create in retirement.

The book was written specifically to pair with your financial advisor's financial advice. Most financial planners, investment planners, and other advisors don't like telling their clients to stop spending money. I actually enjoy it. Let your advisor setup your investment plan, and then allow this book to make you a better client, and consequently retire more comfortably.

Final release date is still being determined, but pre-sales will begin on July 15th. Stay tuned.

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