Pete the Planner's College Survival Tips

Written by
Peter Dunn

Count your Transactions - In lieu of budgeting, consider counting the number of times that you spend money over the course of one week.

Go to - Starting out on the wrong side of debt and credit can mean decades of anguish. Get your credit report every year.

Embrace "I can't afford it" - Your goal is not material accumulation. Your goal is not money. Your goal is financial awareness.

Give of your talents - You must appeal to your charitable calling early. Your willingness to think of others will benefit you financially. You will view your money life with scarcity. Giving to charity is not necessarily about giving money. Give your time and talent.

Start the Ween - The longer you depend on your parents, the worse things will be for both parties. Your goal post graduation is COLD TURKEY.

Measure your use of Social Media - One of the first thing your potential employer will look at is Facebook. Lock it down. You need to also build your LinkedIn page.

Grad School is not a holding area - Furthering your education is very important, but securing a graduate degree without a purpose is a major financial error that will span decades

Step up your financial wellness game.

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