Pete the Planner Live Radio on Friday April 3rd

Written by
Peter Dunn

This Friday, April 3rd (6-9am) I will be guest hosting Abdul in the Morning on News Talk 1430 WXNT (Fox News Radio). So far my special guests will be Indiana Lt. Governor Becky Skillman, and WISH-TV Statehouse reporter Jim Shella. Lt. Gov Skillman will discuss her platform to help Hoosiers get into affordable housing. Jim Shella will be discussing his controversial news report last week about the rally at the Statehouse. Bloggers have been all over Shella since his report. And now we get to hear from the horses' mouth. Not that he is a horse. I have a couple of other big guests in the works, but I don't want to jinx them. Be sure to tune in. I love live radio. I never know what is going to come out of my mouth.

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