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Peter Dunn

I own my own business. Check that. I own several of my own businesses. And for the purpose of this post, that fact matters for just one reason: taxes. I generally owe the government additional taxes every year (despite the fact that I pay taxes throughout the year too). In my opinion, this is a good thing. It means that A) I'm profitable and B) that I got to hold on to the money as long as possible. I set significant money aside every year in order to pay my year end tax bill. Much like Tootie, it's just a Fact of Life.

But I had a major problem this year. I miscalculated how much money I would owe in taxes. It wasn't exactly a stupid mistake because taxes and income are moving targets. I felt good about what I had set aside, but I felt even better when I figured out that I SAVED TOO MUCH MONEY. So, yesterday at 5pm I learned that I get to keep all the money I set aside for taxes. Mrs. Planner and I have been saving money to finish our basement (without going into debt like the bank wants you to), so this money will directly into the basement fund. I'm pretty excited about it to say the least.

I want to share the excitement with you. I want you to find $300 (or more) today. Will you commit to joining in the fun? It's a simple two part plan:

  1. Call a competing auto/home insurance company and get a quote. I have found over the years that most people pay WAY TOO much money for insurance. This doesn't mean get low quality coverage, it means get efficiently priced coverage. This exercise alone should save you $300 or so per year. I recently switched mine and saved double that.
  1. Call your mobile phone provider and check your minutes. You will be shocked how few minutes you use. If you are anything like me, then you use your data and text plan more than your voice plan. Reduce your voice plan and save money. I did this recently and saved HUGE money.

There it is. Share in my joy. After you save your money, do something good with it. And be sure to post a comment below on how much money you found.

Step up your financial wellness game.

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