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Peter Dunn

I read the other day that the US Government is spending $42 Million to send us all letters explaining that we are getting checks sent to us later (the checks are part of President Bush's Economic Stimulus Package). While I appreciate the reminder that I will be getting a check, I don't really need a reminder. Do you need a letter telling you that Christmas is on December 25th? Do you need a letter telling you when Super Bowl Sunday is? Do you need a letter telling you when the NFL Draft is? Okay maybe you do, but I don't.

Let's band together to save $42 Million. Here is the plan. I will give the important details to this check you will be receiving, and you forward this blog post to everyone on the planet. If you happen to send it to your friend, Yoshi, in Japan, just be prepared to explain to him that he doesn't get a check.

Here are the details that matter:

You will be getting a check sometime in late Spring. It could be anywhere between $600-$1,500. Don't throw the check away. It is not a scam. Use the money for whatever you want. The irony is that I am spending my check on our trip to Australia. So, although I am attempting to save taxpayers $42 Million, I am being a terrible American by spending my money overseas. I am going to spend the money boxing a kangaroo. Oh great, now PETA is going to be after me. I should have kept my mouth shut. Now it is going to be PETA vs. PETER.

God Bless the USA

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