Pete the Planner and Indiana University create financial podcast for students

Written by
Peter Dunn

I'm pleased to announce my partnership with Indiana University and IU MoneySmarts. As you know, financial wellness is vital to creating balance in one's life. Indiana University recognized this and created a department of financial literacy in 2012. The mission for IU MoneySmarts, the name given to the program, is to increase the financial acumen of all students and prepare them for managing their finances both during and after college.

This is a monumental task, for several reasons. To be frank, learning about money isn't exactly high on the college student priority list. IU MoneySmarts has done a great job making their resources approachable and palatable. As part of their efforts, IU MoneySmarts decided that a snappy weekly podcast would be a good idea.

Enter Pete the Planner.

After five years on the radio and a decade of teaching nearly every demographic about money, I'm confident that our podcast, How Not To Move Back In With Your Parents, will hit the mark. I recruited my wunderkind intern and IU student, Alex Eaton, to be my co-host, and the rest is history. Indiana University has placed the podcast on their student mobile app so that students can absorb the information on their own schedule.

The podcast isn't IU specific. This means all college students can use the podcast to build the foundation of their financial lives. This shows IU's commitment to education and community learning. Want to hear the first episode of How Not To Move Back In With Your Parents? You can find it right here.

IU continues to innovate and create meaningful program for its students. I'm very honored and thankful to be a part of it.

Step up your financial wellness game.

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