Our obsession with our friends' incomes

Written by
Peter Dunn

I've been fascinated with a very simple, yet provocative question over the last several months: Should we discuss our incomes more openly with our friends?

Consider all the topics we discuss with our friends. We discuss our political views, religious view, and _____. Why don't we discuss our financial lives? There are a ridiculous number of intimate and personal topics involved with politics and religion, but somehow we've decided that our financial lives are more important and require esotericism. It's silly.

I started thinking through some of the other topics that we don't openly discussed with our closest friends. Do you know the only other topic I could think of? Our sex lives. So, we'll discuss our views on politics and religion, but we won't discuss money or sex. And I'm supremely confident that we won't discuss money for sex. This led me to one of two conclusions. Either we secretly care more about sex and money than we do politics and religion, or we care so little about money and sex that they are hardly worth mentioning to our friends. The second option can't be true

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