My Money Life: Meet Jasmin

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Jasmin Snyder
MML- Jasmin

Hey, my name is Jasmin. I desperately want to put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence, but a high school teacher once told me I use so many exclamation points in my writing it's like reading Tiger Beat. I'm not really a Tiger Beat sort of person so I now avoid all use of exclamation points. Though it's a daily battle for me. Clearly, I also get off track easily. I was introducing myself. I'm Jasmin, I'm dangerously close to 30, and I've been working with Pete for nearly two years, though it feels like longer (in a good way <-- really wanted to use an exclamation mark here as well). Now that we've met, I'm going to tell you all the details of my financial life. Ironically, I'm not big on social media and would hesitate to even share a photo of my dinner with you, but humans are complex beings, what else is there to say?

My financial life is a mix of normal late-20s, young professional issues with some major curveballs. I own a house (normal), I have student loan debt (normal), but my parents are paying them (not-so normal), I am actively saving for retirement (should be more normal than it is), I currently do not own a vehicle even though I commute over 250 miles a week (very not normal), and this year I will have to fund two surgeries (hopefully, in your case, not normal). Other than my mortgage (which I pay) and the student loans (which I don't pay), I'm currently debt free. Though as you probably gathered I need to buy a car, as I simultaneously save for the medical procedures I need to have done. My choices over the next six months could lead me to major debt if I'm not careful.

This is my mixed bag of a financial life. Of course, there is more, like how I rent out my second bedroom to international college students studying English in Indy (current roommate: an aspiring French model) or how I once paid off $10,000 of debt In 12 months, but we'll get there, we have only just met after all.

Every other Thursday I'll be sharing with you the weird financial situations I've found myself in and how I'm planning to get out of them. Looking forward to it! (I couldn't help myself)

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