MML Jasmin: Finding Motivation

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Jasmin Snyder
MML- Jasmin

I know almost exactly where all my money will go this year,* because I know exactly what I want to accomplish with my financial life this year. I know what debts I want to pay off, what items and events I want to save for, and exactly how much of my income it will take to do it. Aaaand I’m already tired just thinking about it. Sigh. I know it's a good thing to know all this in advance, but it’s still messing with my head a little. It's overwhelming to know I need to pay off $4,300 of debt AND save over $6,500 for other projects and trips. I'm a planner (no relation), but even this is a little overwhelming for me. I think I might rather get surprised by a financial need, that way I only have to worry about it starting at that point instead of worrying about it for months in advance. I'm looking at 11 months of solid worrying about meeting all my financial goals. Not cool.

I'll break down what I have going on this year:

Winter/Spring = Pay off $2,300 car payment and $2,000 medical bill (for the second surgery)

Spring = Save $1,500 for trip to Iceland

Summer = Save $3,000 to replace the fence in my backyard + save an extra $2,000 for a buffer before I move

Fall = Either try to sell my house or take a 3 month nap, undecided

It all comes down to motivation. Of course I need/want all of things on this list, that's why they are there. BUT, I’m struggling to care that every small purchase I make for the next 11 months will set my goals further back. Sometimes I just want to spend $15 on something random and not care that I spent $15 on something random. I also really want to accomplish my goals, so here are the mantras I'm repeating over and over when I'm trying hard not to spend unnecessary money:

  1. I really, really, really want to be consumer and medical debt free again
  1. I’m so excited about ICELAND.
  1. If I replace my fence I’ll no longer have to chase after my dog who escapes on the reg AND I’ll even be able to put my house on the market when I’m ready to take the leap.

I just gotta keep on keepin’ on.

*Barring unforeseen life events, emergencies, shopping sprees, splurges, accidents, and/or general mismanagement of funds.

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