Lessons from Grandpa Dunn

Written by
Peter Dunn

Late this summer my Grandpa Dunn passed away. He was 90 years old. His amazing life story includes fighting at Iwo Jima during WWII, but what sticks with me the most is his character. He was from a different generation that valued characteristics which are now nearly forgotten, or at the very least undervalued. As a way of honoring him here are three great characteristic my Grandpa Dunn possessed and valued in others, which can help you in your financial life.

1. Never complain

No matter what, my Grandpa Dunn didn't complain. He viewed it as inaction. I have to agree with him. I've encountered many people who complain about an aspect of their financial lives for 2-3 years without doing anything about it. Complaining is a waste of precious time.

2. Be honest

Honesty is valued by many, but honesty is more than just telling the truth to others. It also includes telling the truth to yourself. We often avoid telling others the full truth about our financial lives, but it's easy to justify this. What's not justifiable is lying to yourself. Denial can keep you spinning in place for decades. By padding the truth you are only hurting yourself.

3. Do your best

Your best is your best. Effort is always going to win out over intention. In all honesty, there are some financial situations that aren't solvable. In those situations, doing your best is the best you can do.

This is old school advice which absolutely transcends to modern times. These characteristics served my Grandpa well and I know they will serve you well too.

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