Learn how to enjoy January

Written by
Peter Dunn

I have always loved the holiday season. But I REALLY started loving it when it didn't result in me hating my financial life in January and February. If you are anything like me, then you have been a victim of your own love for your loved ones. In other words, you spent too much money on gifts, and then you had to scramble to pay for it in January and February. This act of love, although kinda sweet, is very silly. And I, Pete the Planner, Defender of your Personal Finances, won't tolerate it any longer.

In fact, I am so committed to your financial success and joy that I'm willing to reward you for doing the right thing. If you commit (and follow through), then you will be eligible to win a new iPod, $50 gift cards, and various other prizes. However the best prize of all (for which you are all eligible) is that you won't be paying for your 2010 holiday spending in 2011.

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