**Updated** Join Pete the Planner in raising money for tornado victims

Written by
Peter Dunn

Join Pete the Planner in giving creatively. Let's raise some money for the people of Oklahoma who have been affected by the recent tornados. Join Pacers fans around the country by committing to donating money, for each Pacers points scored tonight (5/22/13.) You choose from the commitments below, and together, we'll send some much needed money to the people of Oklahoma (via the Red Cross). No funds will be collected by Pete the Planner. A link will be sent to all participants so they can make their donations directly to the Red Cross.

To make it a bit more fun, I will give a $50 gift card and any of my books that you would like to one random participant.

We're using the honor system :)

Join the fun and make your commitment!!

Update 8:34am 5/23/13: Together we raised over $11,000 for OK tornado disaster relief. If you'd like to donate too, go directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief donation page.

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