Is stress causing higher medical costs for your company?

Written by
Peter Dunn

"I'm stressed" has got to be one of the most common phrases uttered in America. Even when it isn't audibly pronounced, the look of stress on someones face gives away their inner turmoil. It's possible you have promoted programing to help lessen stress on your employees, but what if their stress isn't about work? While your employee's personal lives are personal, they are also can have a direct affect on work performance. The most common type of stress people deal with in their personal lives is financial stress. 

Your employees come to work, the give it their best, and you compensate them. From their they are free to use their money however they please, but what if their personal lives are costing you money? Stress is commonly know to cause heart attaches, depression, and loss of sleep. All of which can cause your health premiums to go up. 

Having healthy employees is beneficial to everyone, but there is a catch involved, you'll have to help your employees out. Being stressed is a state of being and a health issue which is hard to solve quickly. By offering your employees education and resources on how to best manage their money, their personal financial 

Step up your financial wellness game.

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