Intern Diary Day #1: The John Fields Experiment

Written by
Peter Dunn

Today our intern started. Here is his intro to this blog.

Pete the Planner: John, how much money is a lot of money?

John: Six figures.

PTP: Like $750k?

John: $100k is a lot of money.

PTP: Why didn't you say that in the first place?

John: (Makes uncomfortable face)

PTP: Just kidding.

PTP: What do you hope to learn?

John: I want to learn to be a financial planner.

PTP: Was Merrill Lynch not hiring?

John: He was, but I have more to learn from you.

PTP: You know Merrill Lynch isn't a person, it is a firm.

John: I know.

PTP: Are you overpaid?

John: No.

PTP: We will see.

Good luck, John.

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