How twitter may have prevented an awkward Thanksgiving

Written by
Peter Dunn
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This is a real twitter conversation that took place the other night. It is the perfect example of a remarkably common situation that could have spun out of control. No, the Mexican gall bladder surgery isn't common. The lack of preparedness and burdening of family is common.

The gentlemen who tweeted me could very well burden his mother as she begins retirement. Boomer parents bail-out adult children everyday, even at that detriment of their financial future. This MUST stop. We mustn't burden our families with OUR problems. The crime isn't in the borrowing, it would be in the delayed payback of this unfortunately necessary debt.

Like I tweeted, I'm confident that this guy will make the right decision. And if you are ever in this situation, then I'm now confident that you will do the right think too.

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