How to save hundreds on prescriptions

Written by
Peter Dunn

The cost of healthcare is something we talk a lot about around here. On some level, there isn't much you can do to prevent high medical costs. Your best option is to work the problem from the other side by creating room in your budget for high medical costs. This time though, I have a solution for helping you save money on the prescriptions you take monthly. Well, actually, I have to give the credit to Paul Ashley of FirstPerson for discovering this solution. It's an app called OneRX and it has personally saved Paul's family $400 a month on prescriptions.

Here's how it works. You download the app. You enter your prescription information. You enter your insurance information if you want. The app tells you the retail cost of the prescription at pharmacies near you, it tells you the cost to you if the prescription is covered by your insurance, and then it also shows you any available manufacturer's coupons. With this information, you can purchase your prescription from the pharmacy that offers the lowest cost, and add on any available coupons the app provides you.

Honestly, if you take prescriptions, you've got nothing to lose by trying it out. I asked Paul if there is a catch or a gimmick I'm missing. From his use, and from the use of his friends and clients, he has not been able to find a catch. It's simply a free solution to help you find the best deal on a product you have to pay for anyway.

Check it out and hopefully, it will help you ease the burden of your monthly medical expenses. Oh, and just so you don't wonder, this is not any sort of paid endorsement. It's simply Paul passing along good information to me, which I'm now passing on to you. What can I say? I like you.

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