How do you run to the border?

Written by
Peter Dunn

I had a friend in college who use to make us stop at the ATM every time we would make a late night run to Taco Bell. He wanted to know what sort of menu delicacies he could afford. If he had $6 in his account, then he would usually get a Mexican Pizza and a Chalupa. If he only had $3, then he would get two Chicken Soft Tacos and a Meximelt. Although I appreciated his attention detail, I thought this was a rather ridiculous way to spend money. Little did I know that online banking would allow millions of other people to "run for the border" the same way.

Online banking is a technological innovation that the banking industry has brought to us. Our job is to harness it's convenience, and better our financial lives. Unfortunately, we have leaned on online banking, and now it could be our downfall. Many people today simply log on to their bank accounts daily to check their balances. They then spend whatever is left in their account. This is not the way online banking is meant to be used. It is impossible to get ahead when using this technique because you always spend what is left. People log on and then decide if they can afford a good lunch or a cheap lunch. It is liking opening your fridge and eating whatever is inside.

Do you do this? Do you do anything like this? If so, STOP. And if all else fails, make a trip to the Pete the Planner World Headquarters. I will yell at you with a smile on my face, and then we will go grab some lunch. You're buying, so make sure to check your balance.

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