Further evidence that money has nothing to do with money

Written by
Peter Dunn

I have said it one million times. Money has nothing to do with money. In other words, money is about discipline, emotion, respect, and common sense. I just finished reading an article that expands this though even further. A former WWII veteran was just payed $725 by the US Army for giving him an unfair trial 63 years ago. The Army imprisoned Samuel Snow for participating in a brawl on an Army base. There were a number of soldiers involved in the brawl, and many were imprisoned. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison. It was later discovered that he didn't participate in the brawl. Oh, yeah and there is a ton of racial discrimination in this case. Read the article. It is heart-wrenching. Here it is.

After reading the article you realize that the $725 that the Army is paying him is more than insulting. He was considered a criminal for 63 years, he spent 15 months in prison, and they sent him a check 63 years later for $725. Money has nothing to with money.

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