Following the jobs and getting learned

Written by
Peter Dunn

Unless you are allergic to the television, radio, internet, and newspaper, then you know that lots of people are getting laid-off. This unemployment crises is real, and it's getting worse. This isn't the sort of economy where you are going to get laid-off on Monday, and then find a job on Friday. Well, you might, but it won't be in the same week. Serious times call for serious solutions. Below are two very serious solutions.

  1. Follow the jobs: Think Gold Rush. Back in the day, people would move all over this country to find a solid job in a growing industry. This technique still exists, but it is about to become big again. Some states need teachers. Some states need nurses and doctors. Some states need laborers. Some states may even need a new governor (Thanks, Rod). When people lose their jobs, they tend to not consider this option because it involves moving away from your family. But, frankly, I think we are getting to the point of financial survival. If you lose your job, get your home foreclosed on, and have nothing going for you, then this is the perfect option.
  1. Go back to school: Getting laid-off can present the perfect opportunity to switch careers. And, going back to school is the best way to sharpen or develop new skills. But here's the trick: choose wisely. Can you polish up your skills, and make yourself available for new job opportunities without going broke? Yes, if you choose wisely. Going into a ton of student loan debt isn't exactly ideal, but it may be necessary. Don't go out and get some frivolous degree, or some degree in a field that isn't hiring. Have you always wanted to be an auto mechanic, and a darn good one? Too bad. They are getting laid-off left and right (even the darn good ones). Research the industries that are hiring, and then put together a battle plan.

Conventional backup plans will no longer suffice. You need to find the jobs, and position yourself to get hired. Here are some job opportunities that are really picking up:

  • Car Czar
  • Unemployment office worker
  • Purchased Senate seats

I hope these help. Have a great weekend.

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