Fix Your Finances, a new video course from Pete the Planner

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Peter Dunn

Let's do this. I'm extremely excited to announce a new project we've been working on behind the scenes for months. You asked for more video of me teaching, and we're delivering. Introducing our first video course available to the public, Fix Your Finances: Four Ways to Change Spending Behavior available on Here's a preview of the course:


This 37 minute video course hits four main areas of your financial life:

  • Understanding the lifecycle of your financial life
  • Best way to pay off debt
  • Making a budget stick
  • Effective ways to save for the future

Each segment of this course comes with it's own action step, a specific challenge to make the lesson stick. Plus, a 4-page downloadable workbook is included. This course is perfect for anyone age 22-45 who wants to give their financial life a kickstart at the beginning of the year.

Best part is, as a follower of this blog, you get an automatic 30% off coupon code. Click the image below to view the course outline and get your automatic 30% off.

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Step up your financial wellness game.

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