Fix Your Finances: Day 4

Written by
Peter Dunn


For my 4th day with Terri, we addressed budgeting. With two jobs, Terri struggles with a budget category that many others do as well: dining out. Since it can be difficult to cut back on something that feels convenient and even habitual, I decided that a traditional, monthly budget wouldn't make the biggest impact on her life right away. Building up that kind of discipline can take a while and we want to save money fast.

I suggested Terri track the number of consumer transactions she makes per week, rather than focus on the cost of those transactions. Just looking at how often you swipe your card during a 7 day period can be eye-opening. If we can change how frequently she spends money, we can change the behavior behind it.

Ready to track your spending and rein in your dining budget? Download the dining out worksheet for Day 4.

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