Feeling gassy

Written by
Peter Dunn

When gas prices spike it leads to one of my favorite pastimes: people complaining about the price of gas. I am convinced the complaining that occurs has very little to do with the actual price of gas. Here is why. Let's say that gas prices increase $.10 per gallon. And let's say that you have a 17 gallon tank. Then, let's say that you fill up your tank 4 times per month. Are you still with me? I hope so. Anyway, the $.10 increase in gas prices just affected you by $6.80 per month. Why do people complain about that? I was laying down watching football last night and $6.80 fell out of my pocket into my couch cushions.

I believe that people actually sense their addiction and dependence. Clearly $6.80 isn't going to affect the average Joe. And don't give me the "elderly person on fixed income" excuse. I am talking about all the people that you and I interact with on a regular basis. They can afford another $6.80 per month. People actually realize that, currently, gas is our only option. Ethanol is getting more popular, but that involves buying a new car, and never traveling too far away from an ethanol pump. I do believe ethanol is a solution for the problem, but there aren't enough pumps. And who wants to buy a new car?

My point? Yes, I have a point. People complain about gas prices because they don't know what to do about the problem. $6.80 is not a big deal. All that you would have to do to absorb it into your budget is take your lunch to work one extra day. May I suggest you take beans?

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