Emailer blames/credits Pete the Planner for positive pregnancy test

Written by
Peter Dunn

Meet Theodore Patrick Dunn (Theo). He was born April 1st, and weights 7 lbs 1 ounce. Mrs Planner is doing great, and so is Theo.

Speaking of babies, an emailer sent me the following message. It is HILARIOUS. Blame Peter...

About four months ago my partner and I ordered your latest book. We were interested in setting up a more stable flow of income/ expenses every month. We set up a date to start in on your book. Lo and behold, on the night in question our son was having a hard time getting to sleep and by the time we got him to bed we were both exhausted and in no mood to work out finances. We set another date a week later- missed again. About a month after that we finally established a time when we successfully started on your book. We had a bottle of wine, some bills, pay stubs, and bank forms spread out before us and we started in. There was something really connective about the experience. At the end of the short session, my partner and I were stealing kisses from each other and one thing led to another. Three weeks later my partner and I watched the results of the home pregnancy test confirm that we were expecting. Thanks Pete, the world will have to deal with another one of my children because of you.

I'm good with that. At least there will be a plan.

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